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Airport Business in the 21st Century


  目:Airport Business in the 21st Century文本框:

报告人:Ferhan Sengur




Airports were traditionally owned and managed by the governments. However especially in the last decades airport management has undergone dramatic changes. Today private sector has entered airport business not only as a financer but also as operator and manager. From the public utility viewpoint, Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) are becoming a reliable method for governments. New and enormous airport projects such as Istanbul New Airport can be realized through private sector finance without any burden on public expenditure. In this business transformation era, there are also technological, environmental, and social transformations that have impact on airport business. Airport managers should consider all of these factors in a turbulent environment in the 21st century.



Associate Professor Ferhan is from Department of Aviation Management Faculty of Aeronautics and Astronautics Anadolu University.She has rich experience in academic teaching,includingteaching aviation business and management classes to undergraduate and graduate students and conducting researches on aviation business and management. Her research interests are directed primarily toward aviation business and management research in a variety of interrelated areas: Strategy, Intermodality, Logistics, Dangerous Goods, Transportation Policies, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Information systems. In recent years, dozens of academic papers have been published, and great progress has been made in the field of teaching in civil aviation.